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If you like music...
           All kinds of music...
                  You'll love this show!

The New York City Subway All Stars concert will take place in the summer of 2018 at a yet to be determined theater. It will also be simulcast over the Internet and it will occur on two consecutive days, Friday and Saturday. Show times each day will be at 7pm EST.

This is a very unique concert because...

  • It features sixteen artists who perform in New York City's Metropolitan Transit Authority's (MTA) Music Under New York (MUNY) program.

  • It is actually two concerts as there are two shows or segments, each featuring eight artists, and each segment is approximately three and one half hours in length.

  • Each show will be performed before a live audience and telecast over the Internet.

  • Both Internet shows and both live performances are available to those who purchase a ticket. That is, a person who buys a ticket to the live performances will be able to see, based on the ticket purchased, one or both shows. The same goes for those who purchase online tickets to see the concert on the Internet.

  • Various musical genres are included such as blues, classical, r&b, folk, world, country, Latin, opera, Rhumba, Flamenco, and Andean.
The New York Subway All Stars concert represents the first time such a show has been presented on the Internet and only a few times before has something remotely similar been done before a solely live audience.

By the way, the concert isn't just for adults. What better way is there to introduce youngsters to one place where they will see and hear a much greater variety of music than they can get from television or radio?

This site and the concert are not affiliated with the New York City Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA). Scrolling data is from the MTA website.

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