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A partial list of the artists who will be performing are...

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Espiritu Andino — flutes, drums, guitar
genre: Andean (music from the Andes)

Espiritu Andino was created in the summer of 2005 as a response to the vital necessity to keep alive, share, spread and transmit to our new generations, the philosophy of the Inca culture so as to show the world the different mystical places of the millenary Andean civilization.

Every band member of Andean Spirit has had enriching musical experiences that have helped sustain his career in South America, the United States, and Canada for over a decade.

performing "Pancho" | performing "San Juanito"

Floyd Lee — singer, guitarist
genre: Mississippi Delta Blues

Ted Williams, aka Floyd Lee, Jr., leader of Delta Blues, was born in Lamar, Mississippi, and learned the blues at an early age from his father, Guitar Floyd. Floyd is not only a cousin of John Lee Hooker but a long-established blues man himself, having played with Jimmy Reed, Wilson Pickett and Bo Diddley. He even has a movie soon to be released, Full Moon Lightnin (, based on his 60-year-long search for his family.

performing in Agen, France | performing "Obama Blues" in New York

Gimagua — Cumbia guitar and vocals
genre: rhumba, flamenco

Gimagua, strumming and stepping their way through rhumba, flamenco, cumbia, and Afro-Cuban rhythms, are identical twins and real showmen. Originally from Columbia, Gabriel and Guillermo Ariza are both guitarists and singers and have yet to meet a crowd they cannot win over. Gimagua has received wide media coverage and has appeared on Sabado Gigante, El Show de Cristina, Despierta America and various programs on Channel 11 in New York City.

You Tube interview | performing "Flamenco/Rhumba", in New York


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