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A partial list of the artists who will be performing are...

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Shakerleg — percussions
genre: rock, pop, jazz, alternative

Shakerleg (Mark Nicosia) himself is considered something of an upstart in the subway scene. With technique and equipment all his own, he devised a clever way of making his bare hands and a jumble of garage-sale throwaways sound like a full-size drum set, often exceeding the 85 decibel limit set by subway authorities. He glued and welded together four cymbals and an inverted toy drum and commands this contraption by straddling a bongo drum that makes the rickety frame rattle and hum like a real snare. A blue tambourine, ducked tape to the side, adds ornamental flare.

His technique is inspired by equal amounts of pain and ingenuity. While drumming is a mostly top-down exercise, his playing is punctuated by violent upward snaps of the wrist, hitting the cymbals with his bare knuckles from underneath instead of from above. "It's a timing issue", says Shakerleg, so he doesn't have to reload hitting the cymbals from the top when he's mostly preoccupied below banging away at the bongo. He came up with this idea while driving — the top of his fingers kept hitting the steering wheel when he was drumming both hands against his knees.

performing in a New York subway station | performing in Union Square Station, New York

Theo Eastwind — guitar, vocals
genre: alternative/pop

Modern day troubadour Theo Eastwind became an icon on New York subway platforms through years as a MUNY performer. The hole worn through the body of his acoustic guitar is a tangible reminder of Theo's commitment to his music. Theo's blend of edgy alternative strumming and graceful melodies quickly hook straphangers and have resulted in sales of over 13,000 CDs. Theo Eastwind was featured on and earned the "Big Apple Icon" label by the New York Post, and won the "100 Musician Williamsburg Live Singer/Songwriter Competition" with material from his 2006 release, The O.

You Tube interview part 1 | You Tube interview part 2

Raycurt Johnson — violin, viola, voice, piano
genre: classical and jazz

Raycurt Johnson formed D.C. Troubadours in Washington D.C. in 1986 and the ground has performed in locations both nationally and internationally including Avery Fisher Hall and Carnegie Hall, with the Warner Brothers Studio Orchestra, National Gallery of Art Orchestra, at LaFete Musique in Washington, D.C. in 2004 and in Germany at Krystallpalast Variete Theater, Leipzig. Raycurt and D.C. Troubadours bring performances to New York City, through the MUNY program and other events.

Raycurt and student perform | Raycurt plays in a D.C. subway station


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